12th Edition. 2022.

Courses for Spanish teachers in Santiago de Compostela.

Discover a new way of teaching Spanish: more memorable, more fun and more effective.

What will you get?

Know all the courses
Creation of teaching materials for the classroom

Learn to make exercises and tasks from audio, visual and written materials.

Curso de refresco para profesores no nativos

Discover different forms of Spanish culture.

Refresh more complicated grammatical aspects.

ICT and educational innovation

Learn to create teaching materials using free technology tools and to encourage collaborative and creative activities in the classroom.

Current cultural resources for the classroom

Discover attractive current cultural materials (music, cinema, art, literature, comics ...) and create proposals for didactic exploitation ready for immediate use in the classroom.

Online courses for Spanish teachers.

To grow professionally from home and by videoconference.

What else can we do for you?

Affordable training.

If you are part of any educational institution within the European Union, you can apply for the Erasmus+ grants to finance your training. In addition, for students who have not been granted the scholarship or come from countries outside the EU, at Academia Iria Flavia we offer special discounts on some of our courses.


We accompany each workshop with a cultural program to get to know the city, the gastronomy and the customs of Santiago de Compostela. Check the program of the course you are interested in for all the details.


We take care of managing your accommodation so that you feel at home. Tell us your preferences and we will organize everything before your arrival. Check the accommodation options.

What do our students say?

Mira lo que cuentan los estudiantes y profesores que han confiado en Academia Iría Flavia.

Accreditations and collaborations

In addition, we are a SIELE exam center, the most flexible exam to certify your command of Spanish. If you need more information, write to us..

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