Applying for a student visa

If you are a non-EU student, you may need a student visa to study Spanish in Spain, depending on your nationality and the length of your course.

In this case, in addition to contacting an authorised educational institution, you must take a course of at least 20 hours each week in order for your visa to be successful. In any case, you should contact the Spanish embassy or the Spanish consulate in your country so that they can inform you of all the requirements.

Academia Iria Flavia is an authorised centre of the Instituto Cervantes so we can provide you with the documentation that the embassy will require, but we cannot be held responsible in case the visa is refused, as it depends entirely on the criteria of the embassy.

For visa processing, Academia Iria Flavia will send you the following documents free of charge , once the total cost of the course has been paid:

  • Confirmation of your enrolment in the course you have chosen.
  • Invoice for the total amount of the complete programme: course + accommodation.

If the visa is refused, Academia Iria Flavia will refund the student the total amount paid, except for a fee of 200 € for administrative costs. In order to proceed with the refund of the rest of the money, the student will have to send us proof of the visa rejection beforehand.