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Spanish for Journalism

Our Spanish for Journalism Course is aimed at students of journalism. We deal with interesting topics such as history of politics and the media in democratic Spain; values and behaviours related to the use of information in different media; specific vocabulary for economy, government, politics and society; professional ethics; analysing and reflecting about the way…
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Spanish for Tourism

Our Spanish for Tourism Course has a duration of 1 or 2 weeks, and is specifically aimed at students or tourism and catering industries and at students planning an internship stay in a Spanish company. Course objectives are gaining knowledge of Spanish and Galician culture and geography, as well as its tourist offer; getting familiar…
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Business Spanish

Our Business Spanish Course is to students who will need the Spanish language in working environments and who wish to get familiar with the Spanish labour market. We deal with topics such as paperwork and administrative process to formalise your job in Spain, cultural differences in commercial communications, different types of companies and organizations, contracts,…
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