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Most of your course will focus on talking: with your teacher, with other groups' teachers, in and out the classroom, during coffee breaks, with our secretary, in the activities, in the market where you are likely to go one day with your group and teacher (Just a tip: do your shopping there and have a talk with the ladies tending the stalls of vegetables, fish or meat).

Of course we must save some time to teach you the grammar rules that will allow you to speak so much.

The activities we propose in the classroom are focussed on encouraging the dialogue and the exchange of ideas. That is the aim of the discussion topics we introduce, and of the exercises in groups or pairs... We like dealing with current events: they encourage the dialogue as any other, but moreover they are useful to let you talk about them to the family you live with. We intend to make what you do in the classroom useful “out there”.

The classrooms are arranged so that this methodology is possible: they are large enough, sunny and decorated to make you feel at ease. And what is more inportant, students and teacher sit around the same table, which encourages conversation and makes it easier.