A typical week at Academia Iria Flavia

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A typical week being here could be the following:


Visita de orientación y tapas

On the first day of your course, Academia Iria Flavia takes you for a guided tour to the city, followed by a glass of wine and some tapas in the old part of the town with the rest of the students who begin the course with you. We are sure it is the best way of beginning a good relationship.


Sesión de cine

Film showing at the school.


Museo do Povo Galego

A visit to the Galician People Museum, where you can get in touch with the different expressions of traditional craftsmanship, the musical instruments from the Pórtico de la Gloria, the traditional trades (fishing nets, agricultural traditions, basketwork) and a part of the far-off past of Galicia : Celtic forts and Roman settlements.



Trekking along the Old Path of Sarela River, in the outskirts of Santiago.


Ruta de tapas

Tapas tour in the Old Town


Playa en Barbanza

One day trip to the Barbanza Peninsula. There you will see extraordinary beaches and you can also visit one of the Celtic forts that you saw in the Museum.


Turismo en Galicia

Take the opportunity to practise some sports, or to visit, alone or in a group, the Galician places you might be interested in. Ask us for advice.