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Santiago de Compostela, and Galicia in general, offer a great range of possibilities both for those who want just a souvenir to take home, and for those who wish to spend a whole day shopping.

The rich Galician handicrafts include jewellery and other pieces made of jet and silver, traditional pottery (Sargadelos, Castro, Gundivós, or Niñodaguia) and works in stoneware, clay, slate, wood or leather.

Textil handcrafts deserve special attention. From linen works to the fine lace-making of Camariñas and other villages of the North-west coast, where over 3000 craftswomen keep this ancient tradition alive.

Also, every Galician city has its own commercial areas and shopping malls, where fashion shops are worth a special mention. Galicia is one of the most important fashion-design centres in Spain, and Galician creations can be found worldwide. Zara, Adolfo Domínguez, Roberto Verino, Antonio Pernas or Florentino are only a few of the many Galician designers whose works can be found in the most exclusive boutiques in the world.