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Gastronomy is one of the pillars of Galician culture, art and tradition. It is specially rich and varied, and combines first quality products (fish, meat, shellfish, vegetables, cheese, wines and spirits...) prepared in mulitple ways, though always keeping a touch of simplicity and tradition. It would be hard to say what the typical dish from Galicia is, since almost any of them could hold this title.

Typical winter dishes are “lacón con grelos” (pork ham served wiith boiled turnip tops) or “cocido” (a stew with pork and veal, spicy red pepper sausage, black pudding and chickpeas). Other dishes that are served all year round are “pulpo” (boiled octopus with red pepper and olive oil), empanada (a kind of pie stuffed with meat, tuna fish, cod, cockles or any other products), different meats, lots of first quality seafood and shellfish, pimientos de Padrón (a kind of really tasty small fried green pepers), different kinds of cheese, wonderful pastries (like the typical almond cake from Santiago), red and white wines (Albariño or Ribeiro being the most renowned).

And for a final touch, a typical Galician meal must be topped off by any of the homemade traditional liquors like “queimada” or “aguardiente de hierbas” (made of a selection of herbs soaked in a kind of grappa), two strong liquors that will warm up your spirit and make you feel like staying in Galicia for a little longer!