Spanish + Internship

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Español + Prácticas Laborales Español + Prácticas Laborales

The Spanish + Internship programme offered by Academia Iria Flavia consists of a Spanish Language course combined with an unpaid internship held in different companies of Santiago de Compostela. Internship positions are available both in private and in State-owned companies:

  • Tourist promotion of Santiago de Compostela (Tourist Information Offices; operated by the City Council).
  • Tourist promotion of Galicia (operated by the Regional Government).
  • Promotion of the Plgrim’s Way to Santiago (Camino de Santiago; operated by the Regional Government).
  • City Museums (run by the City Council or the Regional Government).
  • Association of farming cooperatives (private managing).
  • Travel agencies (private)
  • Hotels (private).

Students applying for this programme do not have to be professionals/students in the company's field of activity, since they receive all the necessary training for the completion of their job from the host company.

You will do a real job, related to the company’s field of activity and collaborating with other students from different countries, included Spain. Most of your work will imply direct contact with people, reception and information, telephone contact, translation of documents…, which multiplies its efficiency as a tool to improve your Spanish. Furthermore, we offer you programmes of a minimum duration of 4 weeks (depending on your previous level of Spanish) where you will be able to develop your internship and attend your Spanish course simultaneously. Ask us for detailed information about these programmes.

Spanish + Internship

20 lessons/week | (+ 3 to 12 weeks internship)
2-week course 4-week course 8-week course
€430 €710 €1,190