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Academia Iria Flavia activity programme chases two main goals:

  • Help you practice your Spanish in contexts and situations other than the classroom.
  • Help you gain a wider and more down-to-earth knowledge of Galicia’s culture and society, which is rather different from the image of Spain typically held out of our borders.

To this end, the city of Santiago itself provides a valuable help. Here, especially in certain periods of the year, there are plenty of things to do or to see: concerts in all the historic district squares during the summer festivities, many of which are free; museums, also free, as the Etnográfico del Pueblo Gallego (Galician People Ethnographic Museum); film and theater seasons; street shows; all kind of exhibitions… We will keep you up to date about what is going on in Santiago while you are here.

Furthermore, Academia Iria Flavia organizes at least 2 free activities weekly. In the summer the average is of 4 activities a week. On the first day of your course, and provided there is a minimum of 5 students beginning the course, we invite you to an orientation tour around the city followed by a drink and tapas in the historic district. This will be your first taste of Spain!.