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Wine tasting

In O Beiro, one of the best cellars in Galicia. Led by one of our teachers, Academia Iria Flavia invites you to taste the most representative wines in Galicia, as well as the cheeses and cold meats which are typical in our region. The owner of the cellar will give us some tips about the most important Galician wines, its characteristics and the differences from other Spanish wines. This activity is offered at an additional cost.


Tapas Tour

Led by an IF teacher, we wonder about the most typical bars and taverns in the Old Town. In Santiago, ir de vinos is a traditional activity for people of all ages. It means we go to different bars or taverns; in each bar, we order a drink (wine, beer, even water or soft drinks!) and taste the tapa we are offered. Every bar offers free tapas with your drink, and each of them has its own speciality: empanada, mussels, potatoes, different kinds of meat... The cost of this activity wil depend on how many bars we visit...