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Half or full day excursions to places of great historical or ecological interest: Natural Park of Corrubedo / Barbanza Peninsula, ciudades (A Coruña, Pontevedra), Rias Bajas and Fishing Villages, Finisterre, National Park of Atlantic Islands, Ribeira Sacra, hiking around Santiago...

The cost of these activities will depend on the place we visit.

Natural Park of Corrubedo / Barbanza Peninsula

We go to the coast, where we can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Galicia. We visit two places of great interest: Castro Baroña (the remains of a pre-roman village, located in a small peninsula over the Atlantic Ocean) and Corrubedo (a protected Natural Park with some breathtaking sand dunes right in the sea-shore and surrounded by unspoiled beaches). Then we climb to A Curota Mount, where we will enjoy a view over the Galician coast line, from the Portugal border to Cape Finisterre.


Excursion to A Coruña

The 2nd biggest city in Galicia. We visit the most interesting parts: the Old Town, the sea promenade and Riazor Beach, the harbour and marina, the Torre de Hércules (a Roman lighthouse which is still in use)… Afterwards we can visit the aquarium, looking over the sea, and the interactive museum Domus-House of men.


Excursion to Pontevedra

The capital of the Province, this city houses one of the best preserved (though less known) historical quarters in Galicia. We shall also visit the Provincial Museum and its impressive collection of Celtic remains: jewellery, masks, tools…


Rias Bajas and Fishing Villages

An excursion through the Rías Baixas (Lower Bays), in the South Coast of Galicia. We visit the fishing village of Cambados, where the famous Albariño wine is produced. We shall be able to visit a “bodega” and enjoy a wine tasting. Afterwards, we visit the picturesque fishing village of Combarro; the National Trust maintains and preserves this site because of its medieval streets and typical buildings like horreos (grain stores) and cruceiros (stone crosses).


Excursion to Finisterre

We visit Cape Finisterre (the legendary Roman Finis Terrae), the most westerly point in Europe, in the open Atlantic Ocean. We will also visit some villages on the so called Coast of Death, an area framed by steep cliffs, rough seas and impressive lighthouses and landscape, as well as beautiful semi-virgin beaches. This area is an unavoidable international commercial shipping route and it is famous for the numerous shipwrecks that have occurred and still occur in its waters. In Fisiterre we will also visit the Museum of the Sea.


National Park of Atlantic Islands - Cies Islands

One of our teachers will lead you to the Cíes Islands, recently declared National Park. It is placed in the mouth of Vigo Bay, in the South of Galicia, in the Atlantic Ocean. The visit is especially worth paying because of the wonderful landscape, made up of unspoiled beaches and high cliffs. There is also an excellent seabird observatory. If you want to enjoy a nice day on the best beach in the world (The Guardian), away from the noise and crowds, this is the place to go.


Excursion to the Ribeira Sacra

One of the most beautiful natural spots in inland Galicia.Along the iver Sil canyons, we visit several monasteries from different periods, which give name to this area (Sacred Bank). The excursion includes a visit to Ribadavia (with its perfectly preserved jewish quarter), a trekking route among monasteries and an optional boat trip along the river Sil canyons. Includes private bus and professional tourist guide.


Hiking around Santiago

A relaxing walk through the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. We will get to know the beautiful Galician countryside, the little villages with their traditional stone houses, old traditional buildings like ’muíños’ (old-fashioned water-mills, some of them carefully restored and back in use) and hórreos (grain stores), We will learn about the traditional way of life in rural Galicia and enjoy some beautiful sceneries through the forests and by the riverside. It is not a hard route, but comfortable shoes and a water supply is strongly advised.