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Attending to concerts, cinema, theatre...

Academia Iria Flavia's teachers will go with you to the most important concerts and cultural events taking place during your stay in Santiago.


Gathering and coffee

An IF teacher will take you for a coffee (or a chocolate con churros!) to one of the superb cafes in the Old Town. The point that you can have a pleasant chat with your teacher and have a nice time. But you have to take part in it!!


Film showings

In the facilities of IF you can enjoy showing of Spanish or Latin-american films. All students can attend these projections for free. Afterwards, and provided there is some time left, an IF teacher leads an open discussion about the film.


Spanish music samplings

We select some songs, bands and singers that adequately represent the current music scene in Spain or Latin America. We also listen to some “classics” of modern music. This activity is complemented with comments from the teacher, texts and explanations about the lyrics.