With Spanish family

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They are selected by the school after a personal interview. The criteria for selection are: comfort and cleanness in homes, kindness and friendliness by the hosts and proximity to the school. Half Board (breakfast + lunch) or Full Board. Lightweight laundry included.

Family stays (per week)

Half Board (breakfast + midday meal)
Single room Double room
€146. Extra day: €25 €234. Extra day: €40
Full Board
Single room Double room
€185. Extra day: €31 €300. Extra day: €50

Airport Transfer

€27 (one way); €54 (return)

All lodgings are at a maximum walking distance of 30 minutes from the School.

Double rooms are only available for students travelling together.

Lodging is provided from the Sunday before the course starts until the Saturday after the course ends. Students arriving earlier or leaving later can book 1 or 2 extra days; 3 or more extra days will be charged as a whole week (except in student's residences, where a maximum of 4 extra days can be booked).

Any reasonable complaint about the accommodation will be seen to in 24 hours.